Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering and Shipping

Q) Do you have a dealer in my area?
A) No, we sell directly to you via the Internet.

Q) How do I order?
A) Online through the website or 1(775) 241-2609.

Q) Where are you located?
A) Carson City, Nevada.

Q) When is the best time to call?
A) 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (Pacific time)

Q) Are there any freight charges?
A) Usually no. Only on special shipping requests.

Q) How do you ship?
A) We ship by ground carriers.

Q) What is the delivery time?
A) Normally 7-10 days.

Q) How do we pay for the order?
A) All major credit cards and by check. However, the order will be held until the checks clear.

Q) Does the shipper notify me before delivery?
A) Yes, someone has to be there to take delivery.

Q) What if the product arrives damaged?
A) We replace all damaged items. Here is our Return Policy.

Q) Do you have a catalog of all products?
A) No, we do have individual product flyers.

Q) Where do I find the pictures and specifications?
A) Download Acrobat Reader and view or print or view The photos

Product and Installation

Q) Can I install the electric log set in an entertainment center?
A) Yes, you can install the electric log set anywhere.

Q) Do I need the measurements of the fireplace the log set is going to be installed in?
A) Yes, we offer a range of product sizes to fit different size fireplaces.

Q) Do I need special wiring to install the unit?
A) No, just plug-it-in to a standard outlet.

Q) What comes with the free-standing units?
A) The fireplace comes with the firebox, log set and built in heater.

Q) Can I install the products myself?
A) Yes, for all the products other than the fireplace. You may need help with the fireplace depending on where you want to install it.

Q) Can I buy my own surround/mantle?
A) Yes, for installation with electric fireplace.

Q) Are all the products portable?
A) Yes, they are just another piece of furniture.

Q) Are the flames realistic?
A) Yes, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Q) How long is the warranty?
A) 1 year from date of sale for most parts and components.

Q) Who do I call in case I have any questions?
A) Call Innohearth 1(775) 241-2609

Operating your Electric Hearth Product

Q) How much heat do they put out?
A) 4700 to 5000 Btu/hr (1400 Watts) of total heat.

Q) Can I operate the unit without heat?
A) Yes, the heater/fan is on a separate control.

Q) What does it cost to operate without heat (flame/embers only)?
A) Much less than $0.01 / Hour

Q) What does it cost per hour with heat and flame?
A) Cost = $.08 / Hour (varies in each state)

Q) How efficient are electric fireplaces?
A) 100% efficient. All energy is converted to heat and all the heat stays in the room.

Q) Can I change the bulbs and do other minor repairs.
A) Yes, you or someone who is handy.

Q) Is this a year around fireplace
A) Yes, 12 months a yr. Turn it on and enjoy.

Q) Can I operate the unit with a remote?
A) Yes, buy a simple on/off remote.

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