Electric Hearth Advantage

Innohearth's Electric Hearth products feature the most realistic electric flames on the market. Unlike other electric fireplaces, Innohearth's units provide a warm, clean, and beautiful look regardless of whether they are on or off. Video clips of Electric Logs.

Install Anywhere

Electric hearth products offer the ultimate in a convenient, quick way to enjoy a fireplace in your home. By simply plugging the cord into an electrical outlet, you can experience the romance and warmth of a fireplace. Built-in electric fireplace provides the romantic ambiance of a real fireplace without the installation constraints of a traditional wood burning or gas fireplace. Because the electric fireplace requires no vent, it can be placed anywhere in the home or office, on an inside or outside wall, above or below grade.

Year Round Enjoyment

When it is too warm for a real fire, Innohearth Electric Hearth Products bring brightness to the hearth and room without generating heat. The glowing embers and dancing flames are created by a unique system with a little illumination. Innohearth Electric Logs with Glowing Embers are easy to install and cheap to run. As there is no heat it only costs approximately one cent per hour.

During the winter months the optional heater may be added to provide additional warmth and ambiance.

Facts you should know about electric heath products

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